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Sun or Moon? Mewtwo X or Mewtwo Y? Talk about a tough choice!

Thankfully though, we will not have to choose between which game and which Mewtwo is better as a global distribution of Mewtonite X and Mewtonite Y is happening this very minute and as long as you own at least one of the Gen 7 games, then using the Serial Code: M2DESCENT will get you both Mega Stones, just as long as you remember to pick them up from the deliveryman.


At this moment in time, there is no specified end to this distribution, so even if players don’t collect their Mega Stones this month, there may still be a chance for them further down the line but if you think that’s all the Mega Stone news we have for you, then you are mistaken. It has been confirmed that the participation gifts (Beedrillite and Mawilite) for participating in the 2017 International Challenge February completion, will be available from the 7th of March and for anyone who didn’t compete in the completion, they can hope to get the two stones in April when Beedrillite and Mawilite will be available via a Serial Code.


For more Mega Stone and Pokémon related news in the future, be sure to check from time to time as there is always something Pokémon related gracing our site!



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