(Event) Levelling up Your Heroes Has Just Got a Lot Easier in Fire Emblem Heroes

In everyone’s favourite smartphone Fire Emblem Heroes title (it’s the only one, so you can’t say it’s not), has another event underway and it’s one we’re all bound to enjoy!

While it will be a couple of weeks before we see the introduction of an update that will enable our units to still gain exp even when they defeated a much weaker unit, a new event is underway now that will see all units gain x1.5 exp. So if you were having a tough time levelling them up before that will no longer be a problem as this week long event is bound to allow is to get at least two Heroes to Level 40. Furthermore, the event is not biased, as the experience gain can be had in all playable modes (Story Maps, Arena and Training Tower), which means no matter where you do battle, your team will still reap the benefits.

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Fire Emblem Heroes just keeps getting better and better!


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)


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