(Update) Mew, Rayquaza & Others are to be Affected by Pokémon Duel Balance Patch

If you’re a Pokémon Duel player who already has the likes of Mew, Rayquaza, Machamp and Heracross, you might not like some of the new changes that are coming. (Then again, maybe you will!)

As part of the weekly maintenance, a new update (version 3.0.2), will be available tomorrow and while it does make some of the Pokémon better, the balance patches does lessen their value a little bit as well. All changes can be seen here:



  • Hyper Sonic – Added effect of Mew not being Knocked Out if the move used against it does damage of over 100.
  • Vanish removed and replaced with a new move Shuttle Flip which moves Mew back 1 or 2 spaces.



  • Width of Extreme Speed move increased.
  • Twister move replaced with a new move, Break Energy, which does 60 damage with a yet unclear special effect.
  • Altered the placement of the Miss segments.



  • Movement MP increased from 1 to 2Decreased size of Miss segment.
  • Increased width size for Submission.
  • Karate Chop damage increased from 50 to 60.



  • Decreased size of Miss segment.
  • Increased size of Overhead Toss segment.
  • Horn Attack damage increased from 40 to 60


At least it’s not as bad as it could have been.


Source: Serebii.net


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