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The time to get to know ARMS a hell of a later better has come.

Speaking with Kosuke Yabuki, the Producer of ARMS, Famitsu got to ask him every question under the sun and Nintendo Everything have posted a translated version of the full interview. Below you can find some highlights, with Yabuki’s full interview over at NE. Let us begin.

ARMS is “not a Boxing game:”

“It was not originally a concept for a boxing game. There are many fighting games, like Street Fighter or Super Smash Bros., or even “3D fighters” like Tekken, where the game is viewed side-on. Since the beginning of fighting games, the side view has been the mainstream, but I’ve always thought, why couldn’t we do it a little differently? However, it can be difficult to gauge depth in games where the camera is behind you. So I was absolutely convinced that it would not be suited for fighting games, which require precise distance control. But the fact that your arms extend, and that it takes a bit of time for them to impact, makes it quite likely your attacks will succeed. My idea was to have the game’s tactics revolve less around whether your attack would hit or not, and more around the timing and delay between your attacks connecting. So in pursuing a new kind of fighting game where the camera is behind you and your arms extend, Arms was born.”

Additional Characters and Balance Types:

“There will be more characters, with more arm types. What we have available today is just a portion of what will be available in the full game. You can look forward to more information gradually coming out as the release date approaches.”

Change your ARMS, Change the Outcome:

“For example, the Power-type Master Mummy has heavy attacks that can deflect almost any attacks thrown at himself. But if his opponent chose something like the Boomerang Arm, they could bypass his deflection by going around it.”

Don’t Punch too Soon:

“We’ve let all sorts of people play the game, and after spending some time with it, most of them decide “I shouldn’t punch too often”, and wait to react to their opponent’s attacks instead. But once they pass that stage, they do things like manipulate their opponent’s movements with constant attacks or force them into corners. Their strategic capabilities grow more advanced, so there’s a big difference in how people fight depending on their skill.”


More Modes to Come:

“There are many more that everyone can look forward to… but I can’t talk about them (laughs). Having only 1v1 matches in the online mode would be too exhausting, so there are other modes being prepared. However, the game is boiling down to 1v1 battles in the end, with them as the main focus and the other modes being on the side.”

ARMS will Include Characters More Bizarre than Those We’ve seen Already:

“The five characters in the demo are all pretty straightforward, with the ‘spring’ motif as their basis. Well, aside from the girl riding in the robot (laughs). There will be more bizarre characters like her appearing in the game. The cast will be very varied, with everyone having their own unique features.”

The “Thumbs up Pose”:

“During the Switch’s development, we were wondering how we could hold the Joy-Con to play games. Even though it supports the standard grip, the Joy-Con fits in your palms nicely if you tilt them. I thought, if we were to make a game that involved swinging the Joy-Con around, it should use that kind of grip. So, we decided to combine the prototype that became the basis for Arms with that grip style. And, since the internal sensors are more accurate, you can control it with much lighter movement, so I don’t think it will be that tiring. Since there will probably be some people who aren’t good at the physical controls, we made it possible to play using the buttons as well. They can use the buttons on the Joy-Con, or the Pro Controller. It is also possible to play using just one Joy-Con, so you can share the fun and play with others.”

Demo Event Reactions:

“I think they were able to understand the controls immediately. But many people were using wild movements, perhaps because they were used to doing that on the Wii. Of course we are making it possible for people to enjoy the game like that as well. But we think that once they move past that stage, people will be able to fight more calmly and aim at their opponents, so I think we’ll have to give people different kinds of advice to help them reach that level.”


Why Gamers Should look Forwards to ARMS:

“Arms is a brand new IP, so we’re starting from scratch. Our goal is to make a game with an enjoyable physical control scheme that also has a lot of strategy and technical gameplay. I look forward to getting feedback from everyone, because I believe this game has aspects that will evolve together with the playerbase. So I hope you’ll look forward to it.”


Like I said above, for more from Yabuki, be sure to check out Nintendo Everything’s posted translation.

 Source: Famitsu via Nintendo Everything

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  • “However, it can be difficult to gauge depth in games where the camera is behind you.”

    Well, that’s why we got the Gundam Extreme VS series to refer to as one such example. A well-known competitive arcade fighting game in Japan with several consoles ports that doesn’t use a 2D view, but a “behind the character” view instead.

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