#FireEmblemWeek continues here at Miketendo64, but this week isn’t just about the franchise, or its game, it’s also about you guys! The fans. The ones who just can’t get enough of the delights, permadeath and the controversies that Fire Emblem games package up oh so well!

That said, because this week is also about you to every Fire Emblem fan, we offer you the chance to contribute to our site, any way you would like too. You can send photos of your Fire Emblem fan art. Pen an article if you would like, or you could even get in touch and say “I want to do a Fire Emblem Fan Interview!” and another Fire Emblem has opted to take us up on our offer. It is our pleasure to present to you now our interview with the Fire Emblem fan that is Crystal:


Before we even begin talking about Fire Emblem, who are you? Can you tell us and our readers a bit about yourself and when did you first learn about Fire Emblem?

“I’m Crystal and I am the community manager at Mega Cat Studios. I’m always been a huge Nintendo fangirl, own every console, I mainly play RPG’s/JRPG’s, and on the side I’m also a part-time Twitch streamer. My first Fire Emblem game was Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones for the GBA and I’ve been addicted ever since!”

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With so many games in the series, both main and not, just how many games have you played and which ones make your Top 3?

“II have played every Fire Emblem game, even the Japanese only releases, except for Fire Emblem 2. My Top 3 are most definitely Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance being the first, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, and lastly the original just Fire Emblem title for GBA.”


Since a true fan can both like and hate things about a series they love, what do you love most about Fire Emblem games, and what do you hate about them?

“I personally love the amount of strategy that you have to use (especially in those lunatic modes) to get through the game. I always love a challenge and Fire Emblem always has me bring my “A” game. The one thing I’m not too crazy about is the inconsistencies in the class systems between the games. I don’t mind subtle differences, but most times they are too drastic.”

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Whether intentional, or something that just ended up happening, Fire Emblem has a reoccurring character who has appeared on all but one main series game, Anna. What do you think of her character and do you enjoy her role in all the games you’ve encountered her in?

“I think it’s cool to have a consistence niche character like Anna who is in nearly all the games, so I totally dig it!”


As well as the Switch presentation, this was also the month that saw a very special Fire Emblem Direct broadcasted. What was your favourite reveal/featured content from the Direct? And which of the four games are you most looking forwards to?

“I’m stuck between Fire Emblem Heroes and an actual new Fire Emblem console title for the Switch. Fire Emblem Heroes because I was a huge fan of Hyrule Warriors, and with the amount of great iconic characters that Fire Emblem has, this game has potential to be even better which has me super pumped!

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Since the release of Fire Emblem Heroes is imminent, will you be downloading the app and on which device will you be playing it on? (Android or iOS?)

“YOU BET. I’m excited to have a mobile game for FE series and I’ll be downloading it on Android.”


If you were creating a Fire Emblem dream team, who would you have and why?

 “A dream team?! Oh gosh, Nephenee from PoR, Black Knight, Myrrh, Hector, Lyn, Amelia, Soren, and Ike. More than half of those are from Path of Radiance, but I think that game really has the best characters personality wise and stats wise.”


Come May, will you be purchasing Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and who do you prefer more? Alm or Celica?

“I will definitely be buying Echoes, because Gaiden was a great game! I definitely prefer Alm more.”

Since some fans are on the fence about Fire Emblem Warriors, what do you feel Koei Tecmo should ensure the game has, in order to make it a hit and something you would buy?

 “This is a good question, I know a lot of people are feeling questionable about it, but I honestly think it’s never a bad idea to make a different type of game for a popular series like FE. Doing this with the LoZ franchise didn’t get a lot of flack really, and it ended up being one of the best games released for the Wii U with the few games it had. I think once they release the possible playable characters, what they can wield, and certain iconic maps, people will get a hit. Honestly… I’m super hoping that the Black Knight will be a playable character more than any other character.”


Similar question to the one above, but different game. What do you think Nintendo and Intelligent Systems should do to ensure Fire Emblem Switch stands out and how do you feel about the series’ move to home console?

“This is probably the game I’m most exited for. Reason for that is Path of Radiance was my favorite game and its sequel Radiant Dawn I thought was also an incredible game. Moving to a full console game has more potential to be a better game with a better storyline so I’m really excited! Honestly, I’m getting really tired of the whole avatar thing. It worked for Awakening, but the latest game of Fates was super awful. Having an avatar limits what you can do with the plot and if they move the game to the Switch, the likelihood that they will keep having an avatar will decrease a lot, so that’s what I’m hoping for.”

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