It is now #FireEmblemWeek here at Miketendo64, but this week isn’t just about the franchise, or its game, it’s also about you guys! The fans. The ones who just can’t get enough of the delights, permadeath and the controversies that Fire Emblem games package up oh so well!

That said, because this week is also about you to every Fire Emblem fan, we offer you the chance to contribute to our site, any way you would like too. You can send photos of your Fire Emblem fan art. Pen an article if you would like, or you could even get in touch and say “I want to do a Fire Emblem Fan Interview!” and one such fan has done that already. It is our pleasure to present to you now our interview with the Fire Emblem fan that is Justplay:


Before we even begin talking about Fire Emblem, who are you? Can you tell us and our readers a bit about yourself and when did you first learn about Fire Emblem?

“I’m a guy called Jad. Also known as Justplay online. I’m 16. I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 and they’re my passion at this point. Like most people, I discovered Fire Emblem through Smash Bros (Brawl in my case). But as an 8 year old, I really didn’t click with the realistic designs of Marth and Ike. I was more into the cute and cartoony characters. 2014 is when things started going somewhere. Smash Bros 4 was on the horizon and I was very excited for it. In July, it was revealed that Robin and Lucina from Awakening were going to be in it. And my reaction was “I don’t know who these guys are but WOW ARE THEY COOL”. When the game came out, I tried playing as Robin and I loved every second of it! But as much as I loved him/her, I didn’t know anything about his/her game. So I decided to fix that in June 2015 by getting myself a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening. Describing what my impressions were would require at least 4 pages but let’s just say I wasn’t the same anymore. In a very good way. And slowly but surely, I fell in love with the entire series.”

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With so many games in the series, both main and not, just how many games have you played and which ones make your Top 3?

“I played, in this order, Awakening, Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones and Fates as a whole. I haven’t actually played many but I’ve been “studying” every game in order to have a solid FE culture. I do plan on actually playing every game some time. As for my top 3, that would be:”


#1 Sacred Stones

#2 Blazing Sword

#3 Fates Conquest

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Since a true fan can both like and hate things about a series they love, what do you love most about Fire Emblem games, and what do you hate about them?

“My favorite thing about FE would be the gameplay. It’s just pure genius. I also love how it changes slightly from game to game but those slight changes make a huge difference. For what I dislike most, this is a classic answer. But I feel the last game, Fates, included too much fanservice. Now, I don’t mind fanservice. But they really should slow down in the future or else FE will feel like a porn game. However, looking at the recently announced Fire Emblem Echoes, I’m pretty optimistic.”


If you could marry two characters from any game of your choosing, what two characters would you pair up? And just in case you feel like being creative, how did these two characters first meet, how did they fall in love and does their relationship last?

“L’Arachel from Sacred Stones and Owain from Awakening. If you know who these two are, then you know why they would make a great couple.”


 Whether intentional, or something that just ended up happening, Fire Emblem has a reoccurring character who has appeared on all but one main series game, Anna. What do you think of her character and do you enjoy her role in all the games you’ve encountered her in?

“I like Anna. She’s the mascot of the series. She is even playable in newer games and an awesome unit at that. She’s a pretty entertaining character too.”


As well as the Switch presentation, this was also the month that saw a very special Fire Emblem Direct broadcasted. What was your favourite reveal/featured content from the Direct? And which of the four games are you most looking forwards to?

“Definitely Echoes. Gaiden was way ahead of its time but it is too clunky for me. I’m young I guess. Echoes seems to be the definitive version of that game and I’m looking forward to discover an updated Gaiden! But my hype is focused on Heroes right now because it’s coming very soon (it could have already come out by the time you read this though…).

 Since the release of Fire Emblem Heroes is imminent, will you be downloading the app and on which device will you be playing it on? (Android or iOS?)

“YES, YES and Y E S. It looks so good! I’m gonna play it on iPad for the bigger screen.”


If you were creating a Fire Emblem dream team, who would you have and why?

 “I would just have every Myrmidon/Sword Master in the series… except Hinata and Hisame because they sucked in my opinion.”


If Nintendo were to announce Fire Emblem amiibo cards, what would your reaction be and would you purchase them?

“I honestly don’t care about amiibo’s so I would be pretty indifferent. But maybe I’ll purchase one or two cards for my favorite characters.”


Come May, will you be purchasing Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and who do you prefer more? Alm or Celica?

“OH I WILL! …Well, I won’t be able to get it on launch. But I will buy it for sure! And I prefer Celica because she’s cute, she’s a magic user.”

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Since some fans are on the fence about Fire Emblem Warriors, what do you feel Koei Tecmo should ensure the game has, in order to make it a hit and something you would buy?

“Just have representation from every game and I’ll be happy.”


Similar question to the one above, but different game. What do you think Nintendo and Intelligent Systems should do to ensure Fire Emblem Switch stands out and how do you feel about the series’ move to home console?

“Mix up the art style and overall atmosphere. They’ve done it before. Just try comparing Blazing Sword with Sacred Stones. Despite reusing a lot of things, Sacred Stones manages to feel very different. So now that we’re switching (no pun intended) consoles entirely, they can easily create a brand new feel for this game while still remaining an FE game.”


Final Question, in a parallel world, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems wants YOU to write the story for their next big instalment in the Fire Emblem franchise. What drives your characters in this Fire Emblem adventure, what kind of characters would it include and what would you call it?

 “The main protagonist would be the loving Prince (or Princess. Just calling it a him by default) of kingdom #1 that is at war with kingdom #2. So he goes to war but soon questions who exactly is the good guy in all this because kingdom #2 doesn’t seem evil at all. In all that confusion, he and his retainers get captured but manage to convince the enemy that kingdom #1 attacking out of nowhere wouldn’t make sense and that there’s definitely something going on. So they gather a party and go investigate what exactly is going on with kingdom #1 and the world in general. They also get joined by the prince/princess of kingdom #2 and his/her retainers at some point.”

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