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But this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Since 2012, a limit was put in place in Japan to stop minors from spending too much on in-game transactions a month, and one of the social game publishers who was first on-board with this was DeNA. So with DeNa being Nintendo’s partner with their mobile endeavour, it makes a lot of sense that a Gacha game like Fire Emblem Heroes would also see a limit put in place for Japan and that is exactly what has been announced.

So if you’re a minor in Japan and you like your in-game purchases, you will only be able to spend up to 12,000 yen a month. But if you’re a minor anywhere else in the world, you might still be free to spend as much as you want as Japan is the only place where it’s been expressed a limit has been put in place.


Source: nikkei via Nintendo Everything

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