While Arms may not be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, it is a new piece of colourful IP that releases this Spring and in my opinion, is already a must have game!

That being said, it is a game we know very little about, but thanks to Kosuke Yabuki, Arms’ Producer, during the stage show for Arms art the Nintendo Switch Experience in Japan last week, we did get to learn a few new facts. Firstly special attacks can be guarded, the gauge for special attacks charges every time you hit someone, or someone hits you, some stages feature objects that can be destroyed, but most of all, Arms has more characters then the 5 we already know about.

As a fighting game it’s to be expected there would be more fighters, because to have a fighting game that solely consisted of five playable characters, then it would actually be a bit dull, which is why this news is so great as it is official confirmation that Arms does boast a bigger line-up of unusual combatants. However before Nintendo do get around to tell us about the new fighters, it would be nice if they got round to better familiarising us with the five we’ve seen already. Or am I the only one who wants to know everything there is to know about Ribbon Girl, Springman, Master Mummy, Ninjara and Mechanica?

If you answered “no,” then we are of the same mind, but if you said “yes,” then it means you require further convincing, so here’s a trailer and prepare to succumb to the colourful side of the Nintendo Force!

Source: Nintendo Everything

By Jack Longman

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