This just in, Nintendo representative has told Business Insider, the Nintendo Switch will not support multimedia services, such as Netflix, at launch.

Now had this have been the first time I heard it, it might have surprised me, but let’s give credit where credit is due, OBE1plays did leak this exact information during his  Day 11 of Nintendo Switchmas videos, videos that consisted of a whole ton of leaks, half of which that have already been confirmed to be true, so you were right again OBE1plays.


So granted the likes of Netflix and quite possibility Hulu and amazon prime will not be present at launch, they will be coming to the console, just not in March as Nintendo are more focused on ensuring the new console has plenty of games to keep us occupied and of course purchase the consoles. Games that consist of the ones we know, the ones we’ve heard rumours about and the ones that have yet to be announced.

Besides, who needs Netflix when you’re most likely going to need all of March just to play Breath of the Wild?


Source: Business Insider

By Jack Longman

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Will Not be Supporting Streaming Services at Launch”
  1. I’m still trying to stay hopeful in spite of the flaws that I’ve groused about on my blog and in the comments sections of other bloggers, because the Switch really has some interesting technological features. I appreciate that they’re trying to go back to simply console gaming, but it will be interesting to see the actual reception… especially since presales are still sold out in some places.

  2. I want to like the Switch. I want to believe that this machine is going to be a success. But lots of minor, inexplicable decisions like this add up to an overall reason not to bother.

    I’ve had a Game Boy, a GBA, a DS, and loved them all, the N64, the cube, the Wii, but I just don’t get Nintendo at the moment.

    Frankly, we’re kidding ourselves on if we think decisions like this don’t eat into any potential success the Switch may have.

    This is beginning to look like Wii U all over again.

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