OBE1plays is back with Day 6 on Nintendo Switchmas and we’re back with over coverage of the video!

So what came out this time, as well as a bit of talk on the Nintendo Switch clicking sound, OBE1plays talks about Retro Studios and we’ve gone ahead and chosen to summarise the contents, as well as share the new video below, should any of you wish to see it for yourself:


  • At this time Retro Studios are not working on another Donkey Kong Game.
  • They are however working on something else and while almost nothing was said about what the title is, OBE1plays states it is not a 2D platformer.
  • Although OBE1plays has heard of a potential name for this game, he is not confident enough to actually divulge it.


And onto his other leak that he actually divulged first:


  • Anyone looking to buy a Switch, purely for the clicking sound we heard from the Switch advert, prepare yourself for disappointment. Having spoken to those who have had a hands-on experience with the Nintendo Switch, they can confirm that news is purely for the ad.

Personally I wouldn’t call his other leak a “leak” since it was expected, but we included it all the same. But once again we just want to take this moment and point out that until Nintendo officially comment on any of this, take it with a pinch of salt as it is just speculation and rumours. Also in case you have opted to not watch the video, there are still another 6 Nintendo Switchmas videos to be posted, but should you forget to subscribe to his channel, you can of course just find a regurgitation of his news/rumours here at Miketendo64.com


Source: OBE1plays (YouTube)

By Jack Longman

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