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This week, FCC filling for the Nintendo Switch finally went live, which means there’s a whole ton of documents for us to scour through, in the hopes of discovering new Nintendo Switch information and the first discoveries are in.

First and foremost, it seems that unlike the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Switch will not feature a removable battery, so that’s something of a shake-up right there, but is is revealed that the Switch will in fact support Bluetooth and that the console has been tested and confirmed to work in temperatures of 5°c to 35°c (41°f to 95°f).

As of right now, that pretty much covers the discoveries so far, but more could be uncovered within the next couple of days. However should nothing else turn up, the Nintendo Switch presentation is just a little over two weeks away, so it’s not like we’ll have to wait too long before we get to learn almost everything there is to know about Nintendo’s newest console.



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