Nintendo are offering a new way to earn 20 Platinum Points, only thing is, only US based users with a My Nintendo account can collect the pay off.

To earn the points, all you have to do is visit this page and send an invite to a friend to check out the 3DS and just as soon as you have sent it, you can get your 20 Platinum Points. However, l despite the fact that anyone in the world can access 3DS invite page, only those who are US resident with a US My Nintendo account. So if you’re from anywhere else in the world and you do everything right, you will not be claiming the 20 Platinum Points. But if you are in the right location with the right account, although you can send up to 5 invites, you only receive the reward for one.2016-12-21

Now to make sure this wasn’t a wasted trip for any readers who may be disappointed they can’t collect the points, there is another way that you can earn 20 Platinum Points for My Nintendo and if involves your Mii. Know how you log onto your sight and you can see him/her painting? Playing on a home/handheld console? Or even fishing? Well when your Mii is fishing, if he is thinking of Platinum Points and their eyes open, be sure to click on the Mii and they’ll reel in a secret 10 Platinum Points.


As for another obtainable secret 10 Platinum Points, know how you can sometimes find your Mii floating about thanks to some balloons, one of which that can occasionally be a Boo? Well if you’re lucky, one of the times you’ll log on, you’ll notice that one of the balloons is a Platinum Coin balloon. By clicking on said balloon will can get your other secret 10 Platinum Points.


Sure My Nintendo may not have the greatest of rewards available right now, but when the time comes and it does, we’ll all be kicking ourselves if we don’t have the required amount of Platinum Points, so every point does matter!


Source: Nintendo

By Jack Longman

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