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Pokémon Sun & Moon is released the world over and selling like hotcakes and now the first Global Mission is GO!

New to Sun & Moon is the Festival Plaza, a place where trainers can chat to other trainers, have fun, battle, trade, earn Festival Coins and even undergo missions and as said above, the first Global Mission is live, but instead of having to Catch ‘em All, you only need to catch 100 million instead, in the hopes of earning a whopping 2000 Festival Coins, provided the goal is met.

The good news is, it is a mission in which players all over the globe can compete in, working together as one ultimate Pokémon catching Master, so while we don’t need to catch 100 million Pokémon, we should try to strive to catch as many as we possibly can. Failure to hit the 100 million Pokémon caught goal post will see players having to settle for 100 or more Festival Coins instead of 2000, but we have from today until 23:59 PM UTC on the 12th of December, to meet said goal.

In case you haven’t yet, you will need to make sure you’ve connected your game to the Global Link and make sure you sync your game often, otherwise your progress will not be counted.


In other Sun & Moon news, since this post isn’t just about the Global Mission, the moves Memento and Parting Shot are now banned from all elements of Battle Spot, due to the Z-Powered versions of the moves causing battles to crash. As soon as the problem is rectified, it has been said the moves will be unbanned and that is the end of today’s Sun & Moon news drop!



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