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In Pokémon X & Y, Dexio & Sina were Professor Sycamore’s assistant. In Sun & Moon they’re the two who give you Zygarde Cube, so that you can collect Zygarde Cores & Zygarde Cells. They will show up through-out the game, but they also show up in the demo as well. There is no amazing cut-scene, but if you feel like talking to them, make sure you pay a visit to the Pokémon Centre and head on over to Hau. When the two appear (random) they will be to his left and it doesn’t matter if you’re playing the Sun version of the demo, or the Moon version as I have encountered during both and got the video footage to prove it:

Until I mod my 3DS, this is the best I can do as my actual camera records the footage way worse than my phone but again this is by no means the last piece of footage we’ll be sharing! Make sure to stay tuned for more Pokémon Sun & Moon demo event footage as we’ll be sharing some more in the coming days!


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