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Okay, it is Tuesday and despite my trying to confirm the rumour that the Alolan Dugtrio event is something that happens on a Tuesday, I have had no luck. Instead though I encountered another event.

During the diurnal hours, or the “Sun” version of the demo, when heading off towards the apparel store, I triggered a new event in which Sun encounters his mother there after she has just finished a huge spending spree. This could be an event that only happens on Tuesdays, so if you haven’t experienced it previously (last week when the demo first came out for example), there is a good chance you can experience it today and since it did happen for me today, here is our impromptu footage of the Mother & “Sun” time:

Naturally we apologise for the shakiness, poor angle and the low quality of the recording, we don’t have a modded 3DS, but for a high quality version, you can go and experience the event yourself by loading up the demo! Stay tuned for more Pokémon Sun & Moon demo event footage!



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