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2017 is really shaping up to be an incredible year for gaming, we have the release of Nintendo Switch, a great line-up of games to go with it and it’s also the year Mass Effect: Andromeda releases.

Now I love Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U. In fact I love it so much I still play it all these months later after first getting it and I went out and brought the complete trilogy so I could play it on my PC. The Mass Effect games are incredible and for months I had been harbouring desires that Mass Effect: Andromeda would release on the Nintendo Switch, even if it meant waiting a full year for the port and having to pay a lot more, I would be okay with that, but it looks like Andromeda will not be coming to the Switch.

On Twitter when asked about Andromeda coming to the Switch, Bioware producer Michael Gamble responded by listing the number of platforms the game is coming too, but although he essentially confirmed it isn’t coming to the Nintendo Switch, he did state he “can’t speak for the future, only the current plans,” so there is still a chance (a slim chance but a chance nonetheless) that it could happen.


So hopefully the console will sell very well because if it does, it will make it harder for Bioware to say no to a Switch port for Andromeda, but in order for it to sell well, despite us all loving it right now, the Nintendo Switch will sold at a price we can all afford and have an incredible line-up of games to occupy us in the immediate months after release. Come on Nintendo, don’t go letting us down now! We want Andromeda!


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