Like I said in the last post like this one, the Nintendo Switch bomb has dropped and as of this moment, journalists like myself are sending out emails to game developers all over the world to get their reactions and comments on the new console. I’ve already gotten some comments from Ratalaika Games and now I’m sharing my Image & Form comments.

So what did Brjánn Sigurgeirsson have to say, I’ll let you read that for yourself and along with the questions I asked:


M64: “How are you all feeling?”

BS: “Exhilarated! It’s been very hard keeping this secret, but we’ve kept quiet. In the office only three people have known what it is, me included. The others have been a bit envious but have remained loyal to the cause: if we were to leak it would have spelled disaster for I&F and our credibility.”

M64: “How is everyone in the office doing today?”

BS: “Good – I think! It’s only been me, Julius and Peter around today. The rest are at Sweden Game Conference learning stuff. So they’re more relaxed than we’ve been today. We’re going tomorrow.”

M64: “How long have you been sitting on the Nintendo Switch Developers information?”

BS: “Since this spring. Me and our creative lead Olle Håkansson were invited to NOE in Frankfurt, Germany to be disclosed. It was extremely secret and it was obvious that they were showing it for the first time. Very exciting.

M64: “Now, not giving too much away, SteamWorld Quest is a Nintendo Switch title isn’t it?

BS: “Is it? We’ll just have to wait and see…”


Can I just say how much I love those guys? I really do, especially Brjánn. He has such a great way with words and knows how to tease and please us. I am certainly looking forwards to a time we can get more info out of Image & Form concerning their upcoming Switch games, but for now that will just have to do.

Now I don’t know who will respond to my emails next, but I can assure you that this won’t be the last bunch of comments I get with regards to the Nintendo Swtich!


Source: Brjánn Sigurgeirsson of Image & Form

By Jack Longman

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