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If recent data mining date is to be believed, it seems we could be looking at seeing a Pokémon Buddy system implemented soon. A system which will see our Trainer joined by a Partner Pokémon, who will walk/fly alongside our Trainer avatar as they move, and you can get candy doing this! Here’s the details on just exactly what’s been uncovered:


  • Pokémon Buddy System is using the same server side distance calculation as the one used for Pokémon Eggs.
  • Walking your Pokémon Buddy will award you with candy. The amount of candy is yet to be determined.
  • You can walk the same Pokémon Buddy multiple times, but there is likely a daily limit for obtained candy.
  • You can walk with only one Buddy Pokémon at a time.
  • There are various looks of Buddy Pokémon: Medium size – Big size – Flying next to you & Rests on your shoulder.


Should this information turn out to be true, it certainly is a feature a lot of us can get behind, especially if the candy payoff is as good as a few of us is picturing already! But should you be interested in seeing the full report which shows the Full Code Analysis, then click on the link below, or stick around to tell us what you think of this possible feature:


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