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My Nintendo is over five months old now and although we haven’t had some really great rewards lately, Nintendo have just made a somewhat crucial change with regards to their Points Validity!

Any Gold Points you have and will go on to acquire by making purchases in the Nintendo eShop Platinum Points have gone from being valid for 6 months to 12 months, so if you had Gold Points that were set to expire soon, they’ll be sticking around for a lot longer. Sadly though Platinum Points are still only valid for 6 months. Here’s the official announcement:


“Effective immediately, the validity of Gold Points has been extended to a period of 12 months. This change applies to all Gold Points already earned as well as those earned from now on.

The expiry date for Gold Points is now set to the end of the month, 12 months after they’re collected.



Gold Points collected on 15/06/2016 expire after 30/06/2017.

Gold Points collected on 31/10/2016 expire after 31/10/2017


Platinum Points are not affected by this change. Their validity period remains at six months.



When you redeem points for rewards, your points are used in the order you collected them in, with the oldest points consumed first.• A record of points you’ve collected and points you’ve redeemed, along with the date and amount, can be found under Points History.”


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