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Hi everyone. As you may know as well as writing reviews and opinions for this awesome site, I am also head admin at Handheld Gaming Network on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. 

We are currently planning a big giveaway for when we reach 1,000 members. At the time of writing we have over 940. The prizes will be Eshop or PSN cards. We let you decide which one you want if you win! This time there will be multiple winners. 

We have had 4 winners so far this year, if you want to be in with a chance of winning then join the group and we will post the giveaway as soon as we reach the milestone! 


The prize amounts can vary between £10 and £30 on average (or equivilent in your currency). If a card or code cannot be provided to you for any reason then the equivilent funds will be transfered to you via paypal. 

So let me talk a bit about the group. We are a friendly group with a big passion for handheld gaming. 

I love to play 3DS, GBA, PSP and PSVita. We also talk about retro and the slightly obscure handhelds as well as mobile gaming on IOS/Android devices. Mostly anything goes as long as it is handheld related. 

We often host off topic posts covering a large range of topics including home consoles. 

As well as giveaways we host multiplayer gaming nights for games such as Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon, Freedom Wars, Senran Kagura EV and many more. 

So join in the fun! Our instagram page is also very active so give us a follow and we will follow you back @handheldgaming network. 

We also have giveaways, live streams and gameplay reviews on our channel, please subscribe if you enjoy what we provide. 

So a little bit about me. I have been gaming for over 21 years now and have always enjoyed a variety of consoles, but have more fond memories of Nintendo games, with the N64 being my all time favourite console. 

I got into handheld gaming a lot more about two years ago. It is what I mostly play now although I occasionally do play on my home consoles. 

I love how convenient handheld gaming is and the sheer amount of games available. 

I started HGN last December and met a lot of friendly people who are as passionate about gaming as I am.

*We also recruit moderators at various times throughout the year so if you would like to apply please fill out the application on the group. We even allow you to pick and choose how you want to contribute. For example if you just want to help out on the page or collaborate on some videos. It is your choice!* 

So I hope you come and support us and enjoy what we offer! 

Victoria Thorley

Handheld Gaming Network


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