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*Warning! This post does contain Metroid Prime: Federation Force Spoilers, so if you would like to not know how the game ends just yet and what happens during the end credits, then do not scroll down. Do not read anything and do not watch the footage!

Today Metroid Prime: Federation Force has released in North America and going by a lot of reviews, it seems the game isn’t as bad as a lot of us thought it would be, but while some of us haven’t even started the game yet, GameXplain have finished it and uploaded footage of the game’s final battle.

Given as the game has only released today, you’d think they would wait a couple of days or even weeks before posting it, so that way it minimalizes the spoilers, but no, they posted it today and maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Not only does the footage show the final boss battle, Samus doing some day saving, but in the credits, there is a scene, in which we clearly see the arm of Sylux, the very same Sylux who in Metroid Prime: Hunters, chased after Samus at the end of the game (provided you finished the game with a 100% completion rate.) Sylux disables a door and walks into a lab, where an egg is contained in the middle of the room, but it is no normal egg and that egg hatches into a Metroid. Kensuke’s Tanabe’s dreams of doing a new game with both Samus and Sylux are well known, so maybe, just maybe that dream could become a reality and we can expect a “proper” Metroid game sometime in the future. (Or a Federation Force 2, but yeah Metroid on the NX, with Samus Aran as the lead protagonist is the better option.) And now that I’ve said all that, here’s the footage for yourself (if you wish to see it of course):

Source: GameXplain (YouTube)

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