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While some Pokémon GO users are emailing Niantic fan mail, it seems Niantic are apparently sending some fans ban mail.

In a post on reddit, redditor zslayer89 reaches out to redditors to notify them that Niantic are sending out email notifications to those they believe have been cheating the app (glitching, using third-party software & gps spoofing) and there’s even a picture of the email as well, which you can see here:


According to one of the edits on the reddit post where this story began, a number of reports are in fact coming in, confirming that Niantic are in fact sending out ban emails, so although this story when it first broke, its credibility was questionable, but now it seems the story is in fact true and that there really is ban mail being sent out to bad users, so with that in mind, if you haven’t been already, now’s a good time to be a good little Trainer.


Source: zslayer89 (reddit)

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