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*UPDATE (18/06/16): Added NinEverything’s footage of Mario Party: Star Rush, taken from the Gamescom 2016 Twitch stream, which you can see here, along with the new box art for the 3DS title: 

Mario Party: Star Rush, the latest instalment in the Mario Party series is at Gamescom this week, except instead of just being a simple demo that’s open to the public to play, the demo is the full game and thanks to one @NintenDaan, we’ve got to learn quite a bit about the 3DS title.

So what exactly is it we’ve learned? Well for starters it seems there are 7 different modes to play and we’ve got the details right here:

  • Character Museum: Lets you look at characters you’ve collected. Amiibo options, and you can use any of the characters to be your main hub character.
  • Mini-games: Free-for-all, Boss, Bowser and coinathlon options.
  • Toad Scramble: Various grid based boards. (Three worlds—grass, ocean and ghost house, were playable.)
  • Coinathlon: Collect as many coins as you can from 60 second mini-games. Items can be used to others in their tracks. Every coin counts as space, and there are three laps in all.
  • Balloon Bash: A mode in which you’ll need to act fast and collect as many coins as you can. There are 20 turns in all and a playable mini-game at end of each round.
  • Rhythm Recital: Musical mini-game that uses the touchscreen to play famous Mario tunes. Each character has their own instrument
  • Multiplayer: Download and local play options. Guest can “download data can be transferred to final game.”

@NintenDaan has tweeted he aims to get and upload some footage of Mario Party: Star Rush tomorrow, so provided he does, we’ll add that footage to the bottom of this article and if he doesn’t, someone else will so we’ll add that instead.



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