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The new information has dropped and as expected, Mimikkyu & Kiteruguma were in fact shown, with their English names of Mimikyu, but they are not alone because they have brought with them a whole bunch of new Pokémon and a new mode, which you’ll be able to see for yourself after our quick run-through:


What Got Revealed:

New Pokémon: Wimpod (Bug) Known Abilities: Wimp Out

New Pokémon: Bounsweet (Grass) Known Abilities: Leaf Guard & Oblivious

New Pokémon: Comfey (Fairy) Known Abilities: Flower Veil & Triage

New Pokémon: Mudsdale (Ground) Known Abilities: Own Tempo & Stamina

“New” Pokémon: Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy) Known Abilities: Disguise

“New” Pokémon: Bewear (Normal/Fighting) Known Abilities: Fluff & Klutz

New Function: Hyper Training: Now with Hyper Training, Pokémon that have grown to Lv. 100 will be able to increase their individual strengths, which has never been possible before. (Does require Bottle Caps, which is a new set of items you will need to give to Mr. Hyper, who can be found “somewhere” in the Alola Region. Magearna will be distributed holding the Silver Bottle Cap item.)

New Function: Host your own Competitions: A new Friendly Competition feature that utilises the Pokémon Global Link that allows you to host your own competitions against friends.

What do you make of the new functions and Pokémon? See something you like or something you don’t? Let us know!



Source: The Official Pokémon Channel (YouTube)


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