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First it was Zygarde, then Shiny Xerneas, but now as part of the third and final Fates Collide tie-in, Shiny Yveltal gets his turn to be exclusively distributed in North America, so if you’re looking to add him to your collection, you have just 7 days to do so.

As long as you live in the North America region, any time between the 20th and the 26th of May, you can pick up this Shiny Legendary via the Nintendo Network. At Lv.100 most of the training is done already and if you don’t like the moves he has now (Oblivion Wing, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse & Foul Play,) you can easily replace them with moves you prefer.2a.png

On the off chance you don’t know how to receive a Pokémon from the Nintendo Network, it’s rather simple. All you need is your 3DS, a copy of either ORAS or X&Y title you wish to get Yveltal for and click on Mystery Gift. Then click Receive Gift, Get Via Internet and Accept Gift.

Even now there has been no mention whatsoever of this very special distribution happening in any other region, but with the European Zygarde 50% Forme distribution also ending on the 26th then maybe, just maybe we’ll hear something then, but don’t get your hopes up. And seeing as how we are talking about distributions ending, for those of you who haven’t got a Darkrai yet as part of the Monthly Mythical Pokémon, you only have until the 24th so time is of the essence.



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