Time to Plug in with Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

Swinging into action on October 9th was of course Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, and despite being undecided on whether or not to give it a go, I bit the bullet and gave it a try, after all, it’s not every day you get to go to a place called Oceania, a name that brought a smile to face mainly because a few years back I made my own trading card game named Oceania, but we’re not talking cards, we’re talking about Chibi, so let’s get to it.


In this side-scrolling adventure, the lovable robot is back and he is ready to teach the invading aliens a lesson or two by introducing them to his whip. Now I love whip games, it’s a great weapon to use in battle and sadly, since Castlevania 64 I have never played another game where I can run riot with a whip, beating my enemies mercilessly. The hours spent whipping vampires and werewolves, and hurling axes are hours I won’t forget, so just being able to do that here was great, especially when you go Indiania Jones up and use your plug whip to go from platform to platform.


It, as a 3DS game, made great use of the associated amiibo as the amiibo makes Chibi, Super Chibi-Robo with a powered up and longer whip to lash out with and as well as moving faster than normal Chibi, by leveling up your amiibo, you can also unlock other characters and well, that’s always a winner. Now as for the story, aliens have come to earth and are only stealing the earth’s natural resources (those damn aliens!) So with the aliens up to no good, it is time for the small statured hero to see an end to their wicked plans and with a zip lash that can unleash a powerful throw, ricochet off walls and smash through any obstacles in its way, Chibi’s adventure is easily off to a good start, but be sure to not just race to the end of each stage as there are plenty of hidden areas to be discovered in the 35+ stages. Chibi-Robo’s quest will have him exploring the world and his taking us with him as he meets new friends and finds some real-world foods.


Now other than plenty of collectibles and interesting concepts that we just didn’t see a lot of in action, this game has no real puzzles as such, and doesn’t halt continuous gameplay, but then again, as a seasoned gamer, of course it wouldn’t plus being of the older audience, the nature of the game is well known and easy to navigate, but as a younger gamer, someone who is making their first Chibi adventure, or even just their first videogaming adventure, it is a little challenging. The puzzles are actually puzzles and not what we would consider as an obstacle. Also where its effect and experience does dull to someone of the older crowd, to a younger gamer the effects of the game is a lot longer lasting, if not infinite, until game completion. Even the action is very basic, slow paced and more than easy to just pick off enemies and take out the bosses and as for collecting everything, you will need to complete some levels first, just to replay so you can go back and get the other collectable, an aspect that only really applies to those devoted to the game, or those who are just completionists.

Jeez is it that time already? It’s only time to bust out the Pros & Cons:


-Great use of the amiibos, because, including the Chibi-Robo amiibo, 57 amiibos are compatible with the game.

-There are enough levels, character unlocks and collectables to keep you playing for a while.

-If you like whipping things and Castlevania, well this is a kids friendly Castlevania, minus the vampires, wolves and overall dark elements we know and love that series for.

-It has a very good message, one that I am totally behind and that is recycling and clearing up rubbish to ensure the world is a better place.

-There are more than enough levels to have you playing for hours and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love video games with plenty of hours of gameplay? No one that’s who.

-Not once did I ever get tired of seeing Chibi-Robos victory dance and because I just mentioned it, now I have to go and see it again. (Thanks for that!)


-It is a good game, great for children, but despite the few things it has really going for it, the game is left with a questionable future regarding its series.

-Replay value is very important when it comes to games, and some of the levels are known to leave you with a “Do I really need to play that one again?”

-It can lose interest and value a little too quickly due to unchallenging puzzles and easy to defeat bosses.

-Nintendo are phenomenal at 2D platforming games, but sadly we just don’t have it here, as the graphics are somewhat lacking compared to the standard we associate with Nintendo.

Enjoyable until it starts to lose its edge, makes you start to learn new gameplay only to ditch it on the next one, but other than that, as a handheld game that incorporates the use of amiibos, Nintendo did hit the nail on the head with this one and that is why it lands a solid 7.6/10.0 whip beaten enemies. If you’re thinking of buying the game just for yourself, it’s a pleasant experience, but if you’re buying this game and have a couple of little ones to also play it, then it really is worth the purchase, especially considering as how this could be the little four inch high, robot’s final adventure, ending a five game, ten year series. The least we can do is see him off.


As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are those of my own and it is encouraged for you to make your own.