Fashion Dreamer

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In this explanatory review, we’re covering Fashion Dreamer by developer syn SOPHIA:

Fashion Dreamer

Fashion Dreamer  (The Explanation)

Fashion Dreamer is a spiritual successor to the popular Style Savvy franchise (also known as Style Boutique in Europe). The series was developed by syn SOPHIA and was originally published by Nintendo. Fashion Dreamer on the other hand is still developed by syn SOPHIA but is published by Marvelous (XSEED).


While on the surface, Fashion Dreamer parallels with Style Savvy in that it is all about fashionable clothing and style, the difference is that in Fashion Dreamer, you are a fashion influencer whereas, in Style Savvy you are a boutique owner. The premise is pretty much the same though where you must toy around with different clothing items to create a fashionable style that other players and non-playable characters will like and may wish to use for their own characters.


The player begins the game by selecting an avatar called a muse and can customize multiple aspects like body type, hair style and color, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, etc. You are then given several questions to answer regarding favorite color, style, print, and wish. Don’t worry about trying to get everything perfect, you will be able to change every previous choice whenever you feel like it after progressing enough through the game (about halfway through the tutorial). With that out of the way, the game’s real tutorial will begin and take you through the basics of the game and how you can like other Muse’s outfits and add the clothing items to your own inventory.


You will then be able to like other Muse’s outfits, as well as alter them by changing their Lookit with whatever clothing items you have in your inventory or from the Quick Picks selection. Most characters will have particular preferences like certain colors, prints, and styles (like the questions mentioned in the beginning of the game). You will need to keep these in mind so that you can give them a new Lookit to match what they are looking for. When you are finished with updating another Muse’s look, they will then reward you with coins, and bingo tickets that you can use to unlock more items in the game. The bingo tickets for example can be used for a chance to win some extra in-game currency that can be used for furniture items for your Showroom.


Speaking of your Showroom, this is where you can display some of your outfits and clothing outfits. Once you have given permission to play online, players from around the world can visit your showroom and like items in your collection. When other players like your things, you can earn more in-game currency and other items to further boost your collection.


In general, Fashion Dreamer tasks you, a fashion influencer, with fitting out your showroom with stylish clothing items that other people may like or are looking for. Their muses can be found in your hub world called the Cocoon, and you can change up their style in return for likes and an increase to your following. You must also increase your brand by taking clothes and giving them your own personal touch by changing color palettes that suit your personal tastes. You can also find out what the latest trends are in the game and create clothing items that suit the current trends.


As you grow your following and your brand, you will be able to venture to other cocoons that also have their own sense of fashion and style. This will help you expand your wardrobe options, giving you more freedom to work with new styles that may work with your brand or perhaps, an opportunity to change your brand as trends change.


Fashion Dreamer is not usually the kind of game that I would personally play but I am kind of glad that I did. It is the kind of game where there is no real pressure and you can just relax and pass time with it. I have easily let myself spend a good number of hours just playing this game as it is easy to lose yourself in. I would go as far to say that it is almost like the Animal Crossing of fashion/style sims, only there is no crafty raccoon that you have to pay and extortionate mortgage to.

If you are a fan of the Style Boutique or Style Savvy games, then you will be glad to know that the same team behind those games created this one too and if fashion is your thing or if you enjoy relaxing, simulation games, this is one to dress up your gaming library. 



Fashion Dreamer

Fashion Dreamer (The Gameplay)

Game Specifications:

Fashion DreamerDevelopers: syn Sophia
Publisher: Marvelous (XSEED)
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Category: Simulation, Lifestyle
No. of Players: 1 (Single System), 1 (Online)
Release Date: NA|EU: November 3, 2023
File Size: 5.9 GB Listing

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