As kids we develop a love for playtime and entertainment and if we’re lucky, that love remains with us into adulthood. But, whereas in our older years we rely on technology and gizmos to get our fix, as infants, our imagination puts these things to shame.

To become an adult and still maintain an active imagination, capable of envisioning the impossible, is truly a gift and one closely associated with actors, artists and writers. It’s a gift that has stayed with humanity over the centuries and is as present as it has always been and as our race looks towards a future among the stars, thanks to Parabolic Theatre, the stars are aligning.

Since 2016, when it comes to fringe interactive experiences, Parabolic Theatre has been at the forefront and now they have something special in the works. With a focus on space, and a presence at MCM London Comic Con, Bridge Command has been revealed to the general public. For those who wish to act out their fantasy to go beyond the stars, Bridge Command is a brand-new sci-fi theatre-based adventure, where participants are transported to a starship operating in the 22nd century. Working together as a team, as co-operation is key, participants can act out a number of scenarios, including the likes of coming up against a seemingly derelict ship, drifting alone in space, or taking on a full-fledged invasion.

While participants will have to wait until next year for the full Bridge Command saga to unfold, taking part in an episodic adventure, with each episode running around 90 minutes long, at least over the course of this weekend, Comic Con attendees were able to sit in on a smaller bite-sized long adventure covering a bridge simulation. Still, there is a good reason as to why participants will have to until next year and that’s because Parabolic Theatre are in the middle of constructing two movie quality, highly detailed sets and having had a look at some of the plans they had present at the event to depict what the set will look like, there is plenty to be excited about.

When Parabolic Theatre say Bridge Command will be a truly immersive experience, they mean it. Participants will get to wear a very stylish uniform and will have to act out everything that takes place during your episodic adventure. If you are an engineer and something breaks down, such as your shield generator whilst under fire, you’re actually going to have to get up on your feet, go over to the faulty component and do whatever you can to get it working again.

What’s more, during Bridge Command, actions will always have consequences, so whatever transpires during your first episode, the outcome of certain decisions could affect you in later episodes, which all the more tailors the entire experience to a unique narrative of your own creation and yes, you can earn promotions as well. For those who feel like a second episode might be one episode too long for them, that’s quite alright as standalone visits are encouraged as well and should you end up wanting to do more, the option is always there. Furthermore, in terms of age range, while no one younger than 8 can take part, those who are aged 8 and up are available to take part.

From everything we heard to what we experienced from our time with Bridge Command, it was very enjoyable nonetheless and we can’t wait for the full thing next year. So, whether you’re looking for an activity you can do with friends, strangers or with the family, remember the name Bridge Command because when it does get underway in late March/April of 2024, it promises an unmissable experience you’ll want to try at least once.

For more on Bridge Command, this is what the Artistic Director, Owen Kingston, of Parabolic Theatre had to say when Bridge Command was announced:

“We’re thrilled to announce that Bridge Command will open next year. We really think there’s nothing out there like this experience – the level of audience agency is extreme, and the stories we tell are full of the sort of moral complexity that science fiction does really well. The show also fosters a strong sense of community amongst participants, so whether you come as a group of friends or join with strangers you will be empowered as a group to be the best versions of yourselves and step up and be the heroes. What’s even better is that you can keep returning to experience a whole season of stories that place your team at the centre of the action.’’

By Mike Scorpio

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