Fir: Sword Student | Resplendent Hero

First Appearance: Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Feh Pass Distribution Period: November 9, 2023 at 23:00 to November 24, 2023 at 22:59 (PT)

New Dialogue Line 1: “Whenever my father showers me in praise, it’s so embarrassing.”

New Dialogue Line 2: “Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk through the freshly falling snow with someone?”

Sharena’s Fashion Check: Here’s Fir, swordswoman of Sacae, wearing a new outfit from Nifl that features a snowy design along the bottom of her shawl! I love how that white-and-blue gradient calls a vast wintery vista to mind…and most of all, I love how she’s knotted her shawl like a ribbon behind her neck!

About Fir: Fir is a swordswoman who hails from Sacae. Her mother was also a gifted sword fighter, and aspiring to be just like her, Fir set out on a journey to hone her skills. During her travels, Fir found work as a mercenary for some pirates, though she didn’t realize what she was getting into. This brought her into conflict with the Lycian League’s forces—and so, she ended up crossing blades with Roy and his allies.

But while they might have been foes by circumstance, things changed when Fir recognized Noah, an old comrade of hers. Realizing that the Lycian League was not her enemy, she sheathed her sword and joined their ranks! Fir trains hard to become a true sword master one day. With her graceful moves and keen eye, I’d say she’s practically there! I’m rooting for you, Fir!

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By Jack Longman

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