During Gamescom Opening Night Live, hosted by Geoff Keighley, an announcement trailer for Little Nightmares III was shown. The trailer showcases two new protagonists and the new world of Nowhere. The game will also feature online co-op as well and is expected to come to current gen consoles, including Nintendo Switch, next year in 2024.

As an extra surprise, a new podcast has been announced and is called The Sounds of Nightmares. It is an original story that takes place in the Little Nightmares universe. The first two episodes of the podcast series are available now at thesoundsofnightmares.com.

For fans of the Little Nightmares series, a new entry is a very pleasant thing to hear as there were talks about Supermassive Games not having future plans for the series. It’s good to see the series will continue to expand but it does leave us wondering… Will Six or Mono make a return and in what capacity???

About Little Nightmares III:

LITTLE NIGHTMARES III follows the journey of Low and Alone, two friends looking for a way to escape The Nowhere – a whimsical & nightmarish world. As the two make their way through the Spiral, a cluster of disturbing and dangerous places, such as the Necropolis, they encounter signature elements that have made LITTLE NIGHTMARES so unique, from clever puzzles and dangerous threats to memorable creatures such as Monster Baby. 

The sequel adds new variety to gameplay, where each character carries their own iconic item – a bow and arrow for Low and a wrench for Alone – that they will use to help them in their journey. Teamwork also brings a new element to LITTLE NIGHTMARES III. For the first time in the series, players can face their childhood fears with a friend, as the game will be playable in two-player online co-op. The game will be fully playable in single player as well, where players can choose Low or Alone while AI controls the second character.

Source: @thegameawards (X) / Bandai Namco PR

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