Classification: Candy Apple Pokémon

Type: Grass / Dragon

Height: 1’4″

Weight: 9.7 lbs.

Ability: Supersweet Syrup / Gluttony


Meet Dipplin, an Evolution of Applin, in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 1: The Teal Mask.

This newly discovered Evolution of Applin is distinct from Flapple and Appletun. The head sticking out seems to belong to one of two separate creatures, while the tail belongs to the other. Both creatures help each other out from within their shared apple.

Dipplin coat their apples with syrup produced within their bodies. The layers of fragrant syrup beguile opponents.​

New Move: Syrup Bomb | One move that Dipplin can learn, Syrup Bomb, is a Grass-type special attack that causes an explosion of syrup. This move coats the target in syrup and causes its Speed stat to lower each turn for three turns.

New Ability: Supersweet Syrup | Supersweet Syrup ​Dipplin’s Supersweet Syrup Ability appears for the first time in Part 1: The Teal Mask. When Dipplin first enters battle, the scent of its syrup spreads across the battlefield, lowering the evasiveness of opposing Pokémon.

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