The end of the line is finally here now that Wave 4 has arrived in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, with its thrilling Future Redeemed DLC. Of course, a new story also means new monsters, so once more the time has come to explore the expansive world of Aionios and with it, discover a new variety of Unique Monsters.

In typical Miketendo64 fashion, we’re on hand to chronicle these new thrilling monstrosities, as we list and detail every Unique Monster Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed has to offer. Before we get on with it though, it is worth pointing out that Unique Monsters are now being handled in a slightly different way, however, as those you encounter in the wild will now appear on your map with a distinctive Unique Monster mark.

Additionally, they also appear in the Enemypaadia, which even before you encounter them, records how many Unique Monsters there are in each area, which only makes it all the easier in keeping track of them all. 

In this focused guide, we are highlighting every Unique Monster we encountered in the Black Mountains, and we’re starting with a quick breakdown list of those discoverable:

Quick List of All Known Unique Monsters in Black Mountains: (Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed)

  • Hallowcanter Hazerune (Level 42)
  • Dragon God Alcar (Level 46)
  • Sensational Gigapur (Level 47)
  • Foghewn Augustus (Level 48)
  • Fogdweller Abaasy (Level 100)


Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed | Black Mountains Unique Monsters Guide:

Hallowcanter Hazerune

Level: 92

Location: Belgazas’ Drifts. From The Dragongate Landmark, head south east and drop down from the ridge to discover the Hallowcanter Hazerune.

Dragon God Alcar

Level: 46

Location: Raxeal Lavaflow. in a small cave. From the Raxeal Lavaflow Landmark, simply head south and you should immediately spot the Dragon God Alcar.

Sensational Gigapur (During Thunderstorms)

Level: 47

Location: Gravina Bridge during a thunderstorm. From the Gravina Bridge Landmark, head west and you should see the Sensational Gigapur flying around the bridge.

Foghewn Augustus

Level: 48

Location: Travalga Bridge. From the Gondorl Cathedral Landmark, head north through the Corridor of Silence and take the exit to the west to reach Travalga Bridge. You should find the Foghewn Augustus perched on one side of the bridge.

Fogdweller Abaassy

Level: 100

Location: Valak Mountain. Once you are ready for the game’s final battle, if you go back to the Valak Peak Camp Rest Stop, you should come face to face with Fogdweller Abassy.

In typical Xenoblade Chronicles fashion, defeated Unique Monsters can be battled as many times as you wish, as long as you interact with their grave. For assistance with finding other Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed Unique Monsters, why not check out our other guides on the same subject, just a different location:

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