The end of the line is finally here now that Wave 4 has arrived in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, with its thrilling Future Redeemed DLC. Of course, a new story also means new monsters, so once more the time has come to explore the expansive world of Aionios and with it, discover a new variety of Unique Monsters.

In typical Miketendo64 fashion, we’re on hand to chronicle these new thrilling monstrosities, as we list and detail every Unique Monster Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed has to offer. Before we get on with it though, it is worth pointing out that Unique Monsters are now being handled in a slightly different way, however, as those you encounter in the wild will now appear on your map with a distinctive Unique Monster mark.

Additionally, they also appear in the Enemypaedia, which even before you encounter them, records how many Unique Monsters there are in each area, which only makes it all the easier in keeping track of them all. 

In this focused guide, we are highlighting every Unique Monster we encountered in the Yesterday, and we’re starting with a quick breakdown list of those discoverable:

Quick List of All Known Unique Monsters in Yesterdale: (Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed)

  • Troglodyte Umir (Level 22)
  • Smackdown Brannigan (Level 24)
  • Cryoconite Laurel (Level 26)
  • Tenebrous Muramasa (Level 39)
  • Bioluminescent Bob (Level 70)


Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed | Yesterdale Unique Monsters Guide:

Troglodyte Umir

Level: 22

Location: In a cave. From the Planada Siq Landmark, head south east, to discover a cave where the Troglodyte Umir is hiding in..

Smackdown Brannigan

Level: 24

Location: Near the shoreline of the beach north east of Tephra Hill.  From the Colony 9, Main Entrance Landmark, head north to the indicated spot and Smackdown Brannigan will ambush you.

Cryoconite Laurel

Level: 26

Location: Lakeside Grotto. From the Outlook Park Landmark, leap into the body of water to the east. Upon landing, follow the water through a tunnel into Lakeside Grotto and Cryoconite Laurel will be in the middle of the grotto, surrounded by other monsters..

Tenebrous Muramasa (Night time Only)

Level: 39

Location: Ruined Anti-Air Battery 3. From the Outlook Park Landmark, head east to reach the Ruined Anti-Air Battery 3 and walk along it during night time, now heading south, until you encounter the Tenebrous Murasama. Should you walk past it and follow the small footpath around the point, you’ll also discover a Secret Area, Rottbatunga.

Bioluminescent Bob (Chapter 5 Onwards)

Level: 70

Location: Gotrock Oracle Ruins. Just head east from the Gotrock Oracle Ruins Landmark.

In typical Xenoblade Chronicles fashion, defeated Unique Monsters can be battled as many times as you wish, as long as you interact with their grave. For assistance with finding other Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed Unique Monsters, why not check out our other guides on the same subject, just a different location:

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