After too many years in the making, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally out and we positively love it. Mike has already gone ahead and done us the honour of penning our spoiler free review for it, but I still feel the need to discuss many factors of this amazing creation. Unlike Mike, however, everything I will go on to say will not be spoiler free so please take this as your first and only warning.

With that unpleasantry out of the way, it’s time for our sixth topic, the real villains of The Super Mario Bros. Movie:

A True Star is Born:

Thankfully, whilst Bowser falls short of being the all-star villain he could have been, there are two other contenders. One in the form of a delightfully dark, no-legged Luma, whom we were first introduced to in one of the film’s trailers and the second who has four legs.

With the Luma, there is no end to how brilliant and morbid his line of dialogue goes. It’s surreal and cuts you to the quick, but it’s okay because the Luma is just as adorable, if not more so, than the Toads.

I am grateful for the Luma having more lines and screen time than previously expected, it’s just a shame there wasn’t more of him. Who knows, perhaps a spin-off is in the works and the Luma will be a regular? One can only hope. As for the other contender for ultimate big bad, it has to be, man’s best friend, a dog named Francis.

Yes, Francis, just like the name of the villain from the first Deadpool film. Except in the case of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Francis starts off as a friendly poochy (sadly not that kind of Poochy), but the second he and Luigi get off on a bad foot, quite literally as Luigi stomps on Francis’ rawhide bone by accident, but that doesn’t stop Francis from wanting to tear Luigi apart.

It’s a shame really, Mario and Luigi are just trying to earn an income and they made quick work off a leaky faucet, but Francis swiftly stops them from getting the pay day the brothers deserved.

Naturally, all views above are entirely my own and I would love to hear what you guys thought of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Thank you for reading.

By Jack Longman

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