Developed by PlatinumGamnes, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon released worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2023. Unlike other Bayonetta games, Cereza and the Lost Demon is a spin-off title that thrusts a much younger version of Bayonetta into the spotlight, before she grows up into the kick arse, sassy Umbra witch we all know her to be.

With numerous characters, some who are well-known and others who are new additions to the world of Bayonetta, we felt it was high-time to showcase a few of them and it all starts with Cereza:

Cereza: (A Flower, Yet to Bloom)

A beautiful young girl born from a bond between the Lumen Sages of light and the Umbra Witches of darkness.

As relations between these two clans are strictly forbidden, Cereza’s birth resulted in her being labelled an outcast, scorned and mocked by the other Umbra.

In time, Cereza began to be tortured by nightmares of how powerless she was to help her mother, who had cared so deeply for Cereza. Becoming strong enough to one day help her became Cereza’s one motivation for getting through each day.

She cherishes the stuffed cat toy her mother gave her, which she named “Cheshire”. Never leaving her side, Cheshire often listens to the stories of the lonely girl.

By Jack Longman

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