It has been over two years since Gamescom opened its doors to the public as a physical event and now, Gamescom 2022 has come and gone. Unfortunately for us, as much as we would have loved to have attended Gamescom this year, we were unable to do so due to work and life constraints. Fortunately for us, a very very very good friend of ours (not a typo, he is indeed a very very very good friend), Mr. Ryan Brown of Super Rare Games was in attendance on behalf of SRG. He has graciously sent us some photographs that he had taken of the event (we did ask nicely, of course) and thanks to him, we could see some of the many things Gamescom 2022 had to offer for those who were fortunate enough to go.

While Nintendo itself did not have a presence at Gamescom this year (nor did Sony for that matter), there were plenty of Developers and Publishers who were more than happy to put in an appearance and present their games to the public. Four of the biggest companies at the event were Bandai Namco, SEGA Europe, THQ Nordic, and Ubisoft:

There was plenty of representation from smaller companies and indie developers as well. With developers and publishers in attendance like Wired Productions, Sold Out (Fireshine Games), 505 Games, 3D Realms, Abylight, Bloober Team, Blowfish Studios, Qubic Games, and JanduSoft just to name a few (there were over 1,000 exhibitors at the event, wow!).

Each exhibitor had their booth or stall set up in all sorts of ways. Some were your conventional console / PC and monitor, some were set up in arcade stands and there were even some that featured unique controller peripherals like a mat that you could stand on (kind of like the dancing mats but with specific buttons as opposed to just directional buttons), there was even a huge ball that would roll around that would cause a ball to move in-game.

The best thing by all accounts, besides all the latest and upcoming games that were available to play, must be the presence of the one and only Bowser, and we aren’t talking about Doug Bowser of Nintendo America, we mean King Bowser of Super Mario fame. Like we said before, Nintendo didn’t have a presence at Gamescom 2022 in regards playable demos of their latest lineup of games or even those that are upcoming. However, Nintendo’s latest BFFs The LEGO Group did have a huge statue of King Bowser built out of LEGO bricks on display at the event. The model easily stood tall above attendees at Gamescom and is a large-scale model of the LEGO King Bowser set that will be going to retail soon. The wildest thing of all is that it actually moves as well (talk about being intimidating and awesome all at the same time). Giant LEGO Bowser

This pretty much wraps up what could have been seen at Gamescom 2022. We hope that we will finally get to attend the event again next year as the last time we did was in 2019. We were set to attend Gamescom in 2020 but we all know how that turned out. Anyhow, if you didn’t attend this year either, we do hope these photos may inspire you to try going next year and hey, maybe we’ll even see each other there!

Special thanks again to the fantastic Ryan Brown for providing us with the amazing photos you see in this article. If you are on Twitter, do be sure to give the chap a follow. He goes by the handle @Toadsanime and is such a warm and loveable individual who never speaks out of turn and just loves indie games and all video games in genral.


Until next time, Keep On Gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

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