XC3 Chain Attack

Want to get the most out of Chain Attacks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? In this guide, we will explain how you can pull off Amazing Chain Attacks almost every time.

One of the best ways to really deal damage to an enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is by administering Chain Attacks. To do this, you must first attack the enemy with auto-attacks and arts. This will fill up the Chain Attack gauge and when it is full. You will be able to initiate a Chain Attack.

Before we continue with this guide, I do wish to warn you that there may be some spoilers ahead. None of which pertains to the actual story of the game, but there are some mechanics and characters that only become available a good few hours into the game (like 20 hours in). If you don’t mind a few spoilers, we can continue on with our guide.


Chain Attacks & How To Get The Most Out Of Them

When initiating a Chain attack, you will be given a choice of three Chain Orders. Each order has its own set of buffs and debuffs that will take effect during the Chain Attack. Select the Chain Order that works best for your playstyle and will then be able to choose which character will be able to carry out the order. All the characters in your roster will have a set number of Tactical Points (TP). The idea is to reach 100% of the Tactical Points Gauge in order to successfully put a Chain Order in action to perform a Chain Art. You can score more tactical points by using character roles in the right way.

Using an Attacker first will rack up more points at the start. Using a Healer will stop the Tactical Point Gauge from going over the limit, allowing you to follow up with another character with high TP that can push the gauge well over the limit. Using a defender during a Chain Order will reactivate a character with high TP so you can use them again in a follow-up Chain Order.

XC3 Chain Orders

The Order of Chain Art Ratings

The order of successful Chain Arts are as follows: Cool! (100-149%), Bravo! (150-199%), and Amazing! (200%+). Anything less than 100% will cause the Chain order to fail meaning no Chain Art and the Chain Attack will end. I will also point out that even if you are lucky to pull off a 250%+ Chain Order, you will still only receive an Amazing! Rating. Although it may feel a little unrewarding that there is nothing more past the Amazing! Rating should you rack up such an incredible TP score, you should still feel pretty good about being able to do so anyway.

XC3 Chain Attack



A Hero’s Help To A Guaranteed Amazing! Rating

Hero characters can do more than just aid you in battle or give you new classes to learn. They also have some special effects when used in Chain Orders. Using Isurd in a Chain Order for example will guarantee you a Bravo! Rating each time he completes a “Heroic Chain” (the Hero completes the Chain Order), and he can be used every time he reactivated for the next Chain Order. Ashera can guarantee players an Amazing! Rating upon completion of a Heroic Chain but she will only be used once and will not be reactivated during a Chain Order, not even when all characters are reactivated for an Ouroboros Order.

XC3 Heroic Chain


Bonus Tip! Extending Chain Orders

As you venture deeper into the game, you will be able to use Ouroboros Orders during Chain Attacks as well. In order to use them, we have two options. Start a Chain Attack while in Ouroboros form and have a Lv.3 Interlink (by using plenty of Fusion Arts beforehand) or use two Chain Orders from both respective interlink partners (Noah & Mio, Lanz & Sena, Eunie & Taion). Using an Ouroboros order will end the Chain Attack unless you were already in Lv.3 Ouroboros form at the start.

If you play strategically, it is possible to get a chain attack of five Chain Orders in a row. If you use a Chain Order from each pairing and a Hero Order, this gives you a combo of four but, if you two separate characters (like Noah and Lanz) a hero, then follow up with the one of the other characters in a pairing (Mio or Sena) you can effectively gain a Chain Order combo of four and initiate an Ouroboros order after that. It can be a little tough to pull off as it depends on how many characters and the amount of Tactical Points they have so you may have to sacrifice getting Bravo! and Amazing! Ratings, in order to squeeze in another Chain Order.


If you follow the tips we have provided in this guide, you will be racking up Amazing! Chain Attacks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in no time. Just bear in mind that getting an Amazing! Rating every single time is not a guarantee during a chain attack but if you play your cards right, even by getting a Cool! rating, you can follow it up with an Amazing! rating straight after.

Amazing Rating


Well anyway, our How To Get Amazing Chain Attacks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide has come to an end. We hope you find this guide useful and will put them into action the next time you play. If you would like to see a video of how to rack up Amazing! Chain Attacks, feel free to check out our video below. Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!


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