Gotta go fast with Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.

Nintendo have cut it a little bit close, but three new SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis games, are now available as part of Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack line-up of games and you can read all about them here:

Space Harrier II: (SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis)

Released: 1989

Number of Players: 1

A celebrated launch title for the Genesis / Mega Drive. In this sequel to the popular 3D shoot-em-up, Harrier takes to the skies once more to defend Fantasy Land from a mysterious invader.

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball: (SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis)

Released: 1993

Number of Players: 2

The world’s fastest hedgehog bursts onto the pinball scene in an all-new adventure! In this action pinball game anyone can pick up and enjoy, gather the Chaos Emeralds and save four worlds from Dr. Robotnik.

(When playing offline, four players can take turns using Controller 1. When playing online, two players can join, and both use Controller 1.)

Shining Force II: (SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis)

Released: 1994

Number of Players: 1

The second entry in the popular tactical-RPG series featuring even more strategic combat. Sir Astral’s squire, Bowie, must assemble a  army of light from all world’s races to stop evil from overtaking the land.

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

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