House of the Dead Remake

Since it was the game was announced during an Indie World Presentation back in April 2021, there hasn’t really been much information since about the House of the Dead Remake which is coming to Nintendo Switch (with the exception of physical box art reveals and pre-orders.

Well, to help bring some more details about the game to light, our good friend over at The Elite Institute has published an interview today with Forever Entertainment about House Of The Dead Remake. The interview covers many different topics including how closely they worked with SEGA on the IP, the game’s replayability, and tweaks to its gameplay to make it accessible to a wider audience of players.

The interview itself is well worth reading, especially if you are a House of the Dead fan. We have published an extract of the interview below along with a link to the full interview over at The Elite Institute.

House Of The Dead Remake Interview by The Elite Institute

The Elite MYT: One of the concerns many have for an arcade title such as this is how replayable it is. What have you done with the game to encourage players to replay multiple times?

Artur: Great question! We were thinking about it from the very beginning. That is why we have added unlockable weapons, horde mode, in-game achievements system, covered all original gameplay routes and characters etc. Yet our main goal was to create fun and engaging gameplay, that replays well on its own. I must admit that this is the first game developed by us EVER that I still love to play after developing it.

Usually, you feel tired at the end of the development process and sometimes you have to force yourself to keep playing and testing the game you are working on, but that wasn’t an issue here! After all these long months of development, we are still playing HOTDR with colleagues 🙂

The Elite MYT: We’ve already seen some tweaks with the gameplay, such as with the alteration in the health system. How did you decide on what things you wanted to change when developing the remake?

Artur: This was something we have discussed for hours internally in MPS/FE and with SEGA. It is clear that the arcade game was really hard and there are different rules for the arcade machines. In addition, we have a different amount of free time and many people just want to “rush” a game to continue with another title as soon as possible. Taking this into account, we created “classic” and “modern” modes for the scoring system, and added easy, normal, hard and arcade difficulties.

The arcade difficulty in classic mode mimics the original behaviour for those that want to test their skills against the original challenge. Other people have a full spectrum of options to adjust the game for their needs. Health, damage, and score are counted differently in both modes and all difficulties. There is one rule – the harder setup you take, the more points you can earn.

If you would like to read the full interview, you can find it over on The Elite Institute’s website.


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