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Great changes are underway for Mario Kart Tour and it all starts with the new version 2.12.0 update. From new level caps such as the player level max going from 150 to 300, to the additions of Miis, the racing app will never be the same again.

For the full details on what is to come, we have the complete patch notes right here:

Mario Kart Tour: (Version 2.12.0 Patch Notes)

Mii Characters and Mii Racing Suits added:

  • The game now supports Mii characters, your very own original characters.
  • On top of racing with existing characters, you can now race with Mii characters by putting them in Mii Racing Suits.
  • What’s more, you can use Mii characters that are saved on your Nintendo Account and share Mii characters in the Mario Kart Tour game with other players by sharing Mii numbers.
  • Mii characters and Mii Racing Suits will become available to use in the tour that starts on 09/03/2022 (Wed). The Red Mii Racing Suit will be gifted to all players that log in on 09/03/2022 (Wed) or later.

The Mii Tour begins!:

  • To celebrate the introduction of Mii characters into the game, the Mii Tour will begin on 09/03/2022 (Wed)! During the Mii Tour, 10 types of Mii Racing Suits will appear, including the Toad Mii Racing Suit!
  • You can collect tokens by using Mii Racing Suits in races to get the Toad Mii Racing Suit from the Shop.
  • Also, in celebration of Version 2.12.0, there will be a 10-day Log-In Bonus during the Mii Tour, through which you can get the following:
    • 10 High-End level-boost tickets for drivers, karts, and gliders
    • 60,000 coins
    • 20 rubies

Certain items’ bonus points increased:

  • Starting in the Mii Tour, the bonus Points earned when using the following items will be increased:
    • Ice Flower
    • Giga Bob-omb
    • Mushroom Cannon
    • Birdo’s Egg
    • Bowser’s Shell
    • Super Leaf
    • Super Bell
    • Dash Ring
    • Double Bob-ombs
    • Triple Mushrooms
    • Triple Green Shells
    • Banana Barrels
    • Hammer
    • Fire Flower
    • Bob-omb Cannon
    • Yoshi’s Egg
  • Note: The amount of increased bonus points differs by item.

Increased level cap:

  • The level cap for drivers, karts, and gliders has been increased from level 7 to level 8.
  • Level 8 drivers, karts, and gliders will have a 7x bonus-points boost.
  • Also, High-End drivers, karts, and gliders will have one more favourite course.
  • The increased level cap will be reflected in the Mii Tour.
  • Notes:
    • Until the end of the Sky Tour, any duplicate drivers, karts, or gliders you receive that are already at level 7 will be converted into coins.
    • Even if you received coins that were converted from duplicate drivers, karts, or gliders that were already at level 7, those same drivers, karts, and gliders will begin at level 7 in the next tour.

Maximum player level increased:

  • Starting in the Mii Tour, the maximum player level will be increased from 150 to 300.

Highest tier raised:

Starting in the Mii Tour, the highest tier for ranked cups will be raised from 70 to 80.

Items added to the Daily Selects:

  • Starting in the Mii Tour, certain drivers, karts, and gliders that were added to the game before January 2021 (such as Cat Peach) will be able to appear in the Daily Selects lineup in the Shop.
  • Also, High-End level-boost tickets will have a slight chance of appearing in slots seven through nine of the Daily Selects lineup.

More items available in the Tier Shop:

  • Starting in the Mii Tour, the amount of items available will increase at tiers 50, 55, and 60. High-End level-boost tickets will appear in the Tier Shop every week in the corresponding item spots.
  • Note: The items available in the Tier Shop will vary depending on your tier in This Week’s Ranking. Depending on your tier, High-End level-boost tickets may not appear.

Other Changes:

  • In multiplayer, the names of players positioned at the middle of your screen will also be displayed before a race begins. Tap a player or the arrow to view the driver and kart.
  • NPC behavior in single-player races has been adjusted. The probability of an NPC holding on to an item without using it will be decreased.
  • Preparations have been made to add a new bonus challenge.
  • The menu screen now supports display in 60 fps.

Removed feature to add friends via linking with social media, and added a feature to share your own ID:

  • The feature to find friends on Facebook and Twitter via Add Friend and Search Suggested Friends has been removed.
  • Note: This will not affect friends that have already been added via linking with social media.
  • Also, the feature to share your own ID has been added.

Addressed Issues:

  • This update addressed the following known issues:
    • When racing in the 2-Player Challenge, the effects from leveling up drivers, karts, and gliders are not reflected in the race.
    • Certain sound effects, including the sound effects for the countdown at the start of races, sometimes do not play.
    • On iOS devices, the sound playing from a music app stops when starting Mario Kart Tour.

About Mario Kart Tour:

  • Mario Kart takes a world tour! – Mario and friends go global in this new Mario Kart as they race around courses inspired by real-world cities in addition to classic Mario Kart courses! These destinations will be featured in tours that rotate every two weeks! In addition to courses based on iconic locales, some of your favorite Mario Kart characters will get variations that incorporate the local flavor of cities featured in the game!
  • Endless Mario Kart fun at your fingertips! – The Mario Kart series known and loved by many is ready to take the world by storm – one smart device at a time! With just one finger, you can steer and drift with ease, sling devastating items as you go for the gold in cups filled with new and classic Mario Kart courses.
  • Nab 1st place with items and Frenzy mode! – In Mario Kart Tour you have access to an arsenal of powerful items that can mix things up on the racetrack! Turn up the heat by activating the new Frenzy mode, which gives an unlimited supply of a certain item and makes you invincible! Make the most of the ensuing chaos, as Frenzy mode only lasts a short time!
  • Collect drivers, karts, badges, and more! – Earn Grand Stars by racing or fire off the featured pipe to receive more drivers, karts, and gliders! You can also proudly display badges, earned by completing certain challenges, next to your in-game name!
  • Bonus challenge courses put a twist on traditional races! – In certain races, 1st place isn’t always the goal. With names like “Vs. Mega Bowser” and “Goomba Takedown,” these bonus challenge courses demand a different approach to gameplay and strategy!
  • Race to increase your online rank! – Boost with the best of ’em! Your high scores will determine how you compare to other players all over the world. Keep practicing and trying out different combinations of drivers, karts, and gliders to increase your score and rise to the top!

Source: Nintendo

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