With Pokémon Legends: Arceus out in its full entirety, finally Game Freak have come forward and revealed a few more additional forms of Pokémon they previously avoided talking about. So, welcome back to Who’s That Pokémon?,” as we dedicate this instalment to Palkia (Origine Forme):


Pokémon: Palkia (Origin Forme)

Classification: Spatial Pokémon

Type: Water/Fighting

Height: 20’8″

Weight: 1455.1 lbs.


This is the true appearance of Palkia, the Legendary Pokémon that is said to control space.​ Palkia has the power to warp, destroy, and create space itself. They say that the very space in the world where Origin Forme Palkia resides is in shreds, as if it had been torn to ribbons.​

Palkia’s signature move is called called Spacial Rend, which tears not only the target but the very space around them asunder.​

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Source: pokemon.com

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