Evolution Items

Wanting to know where to find Evolution Items in Pokémon Legends: ArceusThey can be both found and bought in the Hisui Region. Finding Evolution Items can be hit and miss as they are randomly dropped when you smash shining ore deposits. Most often, you will receive star dust but every now and again, you may get an evolution stone.

The most certain way of getting your hands on these items and be able to choose which one you want, is to simply buy them. These items can be purchased from Simona who has a stall on the western end of the street in front of the Team Galaxy building. The catch is that you can’t buy these with normal currency but with a different kind called Merit Points.

To get Merit Points, you need to be connected to the internet and find lost satchels that have been dropped by other players. By picking them up, you can redeem your reward in the form of Merit Points and get a free item for your troubles as well.

With your Merit Points (or mp) you can buy any of the following items from Simona.

Pokéball – 10 mp
Rare Candy – 1,000 mp
Fire Store – 1,000 mp
Water Stone – 1,000 mp
Thunder Stone – 1,000 mp
Leaf Stone – 1,000 mp
Ice Stone – 1,000 mp
Moon Stone – 1,000 mp
Sun Stone – 1,000 mp
Shiny Stone – 1,200 mp
Dusk Stone – 1,200 mp
Dawn Stone – 1,200 mp
Oval Stone – 400 mp
Razor Claw – 1,400 mp
Razor Fang – 1,400 mp
Reaper Cloth – 1,400 mp
Metal Coat – 1,000 mp
Protector – 1,400 mp
Electirizer – 1,400 mp
Magmarizer – 1,400 mp
Upgrade – 1,000 mp
Dubious Disk – 1,400 mp
Linking Cord – 1,000 mp

Evolution Items

We hope you find this guide useful so you can obtain Evolution Items you require to evolve your Pokémon and complete your Pokédex. Do bear in mind that not there are some Pokémon that evolve only when certain pre-requisites are met. If there is any information that we have wrong or if evolution items can be obtained in another way as well, please do let us know so we can update this guide.


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