Pokémon Café ReMix is coming.

With a massive content update arriving this fall for Pokémon Café Mix, plenty of things are expected to change and now players have been provided with a full list of what will carry over and how, here is the full list comprised of every detail shared during in-game notifications:

Pokémon Café Mix will change its title to Pokémon Café ReMix after the major update. Pokémon Café Mix is the same application as Pokémon Café Mix so there is no need to download a separate application.

Just before the major update, we will perform server maintenance. Please note that you will not be able to play the game during the maintenance period. After the server maintenance is complete, your current Pokémon Café Mix user data will automatically transfer once you log in to the game after the major update.

However, due to some game content being revised, some gameplay data will be converted in accordance with the game content after the major data. Please see below for details on each type of data transfer.

Data that will be Transferred after the Major Update:

  • Pokémon that joined your staff
    • Note 1: Some transfer data will be converted, such as special outfits and friendship levels; see below for more details.
    • Note 2: Friendship levels with Pokémon that are not on your staff will reset.
  • Golden Acorns (paid and nonpaid)
  • Boosters (Skill Plus, Horizontal Megaphone Maker, Vertical Megaphone Maker)
  • Puzzle Powers (Helping Paw, Horizontal Whistle, Vertical Whistle, Leader Bell)
  • Master Points
  • Friend List
  • Team joining Status
  • Unclaimed Presents

Data that will be Converted to Different Data after the Major Update:

  • Friendship Levels with Pokémon
    • Friendship levels will become “Lv.”
    • After the major update, all staff Pokémon will be Lv. 1.
  • Staff Pokémon in Special Outfits
    • Staff Pokémon wearing special outfits will not be carried over as individual staff members. Instead, the appropriate outfit will carry over as a dress-up option for that specific staff Pokémon.
      • Example:
        • Current:
          • Staff: Pikachu
          • Staff: Sweets Pikachu
        • Major Update:
          • Staff: Pikachu
          • Outfit: Sweets
    • Dress a Pokémon in an exclusive outfit to change the Pokémon’s leader skill and allow it to use the same skill that the staff Pokémon in a special outfit had.
      • The following Pokémon will be affected:
        • Holiday Eevee
        • Super Chef Eevee
        • Snorlax Maniac Pikachu
        • Sweets Pikachu
        • Super Chef Pikachu
        • Holiday Lucario
    • Tasty Tarts
    • Tasty Tarts will be converted to Rare Tarts and will be sent to Presents. Use Rare Tarts after the major update to raise the EXP of your staff Pokémon.
  • Number of Stars obtained in Master Café Mode
    • Stars will be converted to Master Points in proportion to the number of stars obtained.
  • Main order progress
    • After the major update, the current main orders will become “extra orders” which you will continue to be able to play to order #1,200.
    • The current main order progress will be converted to extra order progress.
    • New main orders after the major update will start from order #1 for all players.

Pokémon Café

Products that are available in the Shop:

  • After the major update, there will be a new product structure.
  • The following products that are currently available in the shop will end sales in sequences. Products that continue to be available may also have their contents revised.
    • Products that will become Unavailable:
      • Products that will become Unavailable on 15/09 at 06:59:
        • Pokémon Party Pack
        • Acorns Every Day Pack
      • Products that will become Available at the start time of the maintenance:
        • Item Pack A
        • Item Pack B
        • Item Pack C
        • Item Pack D
        • Item Pack E
    • Note 1: The effect of the Pokémon Party Pack will not carry over after the major update. If the maintenance begins during the pack’s valid period, the effect will not apply to the remainder of the period. If you have not yet activated your pack, please do so.
    • Note 2: The effect of the Acorns Every Day Pack will carry over after the major update. During the maintenance period for the major update, you will not be able to receive Golden Acorns (nonpaid).
      • Golden Acorns (nonpaid) you failed to claim will be available for you to claim in one lump sum 30 days after you activated your Acorns Every Day Pack. This lump sum will be delivered when you get Daily Stamp on Day 30.
    • Note 3: Any Pokémon Party Pack or Acorns Every Day Pack that you have already purchased can be activated by tapping “Activate” in the in-game shop after they are no longer available for purchase.
    • Note 4: Even if there are previously purchased products that were not received properly in the in-game store, you can receive them when you open the in-game shop screen after the major update. Please be aware that all additional effects of the Pokémon Party Pack—except Golden Acorns—will be removed.

We hope you found this guide helpful and look forward to the major update as much as we do.

By Jack Longman

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  1. According to this info, stars will be converted to Master Points in proportion to the stars obtained. What kind of proportion? The one is currently on the game?

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