Legendary Controllers

The creative minds at Game Armor are launching a new crowdfunding project to create a special line of Legendary Controllers shells for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The designs of the controller shells are inspired by character designs of the iconic The Legend of Zelda series. The Project will be held on Indiegogo and for $30 USD, you will be able to get one of the shells that include a front plate, backplate, and handle grips.

The project will go live on August 12th at 12 pm EST. In order for the Legendary controllers to make it into manufacture, the project will need to reach its full funding to successfully make it to the manufacturing stage and a number of Stretch Goals have been set to allow for more designs to be added. The idea behind the project is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic video game series and to mass-produce the controller shells so they can meet the demand of project backers.

Legendary Controllers

We must add that this project is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. All designs are inspired by that of the characters from the video game series and that plenty of research has been done in order to make sure that the project is within its rights to proceed without breaking copyright laws or trademark infringements. It is also noted that the designs may vary slightly over time from the initial design phase to the final product.

Legendary Controllers

We have highlighted some more details of the Legendary Controllers project including an overview, goals, and cost breakdown.


Legendary Controllers is a new crowdfunding project aiming to create a custom artist series of controller shells compatible with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. The controller designs included in the project are representative of iconic video game characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise, which celebrated its 35th Anniversary this year.  With full funding on this project, 4 initial designs will be released. An additional 4 designs are planned for release with additional “stretch goal” funding!



  1. Launch a new product line: The campaign is set up to fund the cost of mass production on replacement shells for Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers that are themed after characters from an iconic Nintendo video game franchise. In turn, we hope to honor its legacy in a unique and fun way.
  2. Fund future projects: By launching this project we hope to see its success push our company in a new direction where we can continue to create fun, new designs on a regular basis for release at a lower price and with a more efficient release schedule.

Pricing and Cost Breakdown

The price of each pledge starts at just $30. This is for one full set of compatible Pro Controller shells for the Nintendo Switch, which includes a front plate, backplate, and set of replacement handles.

Cost breakdown per pledge:

  • 10% – Indiegogo and Backerkit Fees

  • 10% – Promotional Costs

  • 15% – Packaging and Shipping Fees

  • 65% – Manufacturing costs


Source: Game Armor PR

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