Red Colony Box Art

Hey folks, if you have been enjoying RunicCodesRed Colony and Red Colony 2 on Nintendo Switch, then we have something that might interest you. These are not official in any way but we do have the approval from RunicCodes to share these “Print-Your-Own” Red Colony Switch Box Arts with you. We have mocked them up ourselves and they are completely free to download. I will note that they have been updated since we initially published this article. Red Colony 2 now has cover art more akin to the first game and some other minor changes have been made on behalf of the developer.

We hope you will save these to your device and print them up so you can represent Red Colony and Red Colony 2 in your Switch Collections. It may be a while yet before we get a proper physical edition of the game but in the meantime, we hope that our Red Colony Switch Box Art covers will make a nice substitute to tide you over.

To download them, simply click on the PDF files below and then save them to your device.

RED COLONY 1 Box Art.pdf

RED COLONY 2 Box Art.pdf

Both Red Colony Switch Box Art covers are centered on the page so that the interior artwork should be perfectly aligned with the exterior artwork. It is also sized exactly to match that of other Switch Box Art sizes (around 16.1cm by 19.8cm approx.) Please note that when printing them out that you do not have extra margins as it will shrink the box art covers and they will be too small for the boxes.

Also, if you do print them out and share them on Social Media, be sure to tag @RunicCodes and @RuneShiStorm. If you tag @miketendo64 as well, we would really appreciate it too.



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