Folks, Nintendo has just gone insane with their random announcements.

Today, they dropped a announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Here’s the video from Nintendo of America.
Interestingly, it showed off some new Gameplay for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and Splatoon 3.

In addition, the price and packaging was revealed thanks to Twitter user @Smellman426. The price is $349.99 MSRP.

And here’s another screenshot: The release date is October 8th of this year.

I am personally excited by the OLED Model Nintendo Switch. The inclusion of a wired LAN port is much needed. The color choice also helps go along with them showcasing Metroid Dread E3 direct footage as the first thing on the OLED Model Nintendo Switch. The pricing on this will probably turn off some people, and I’m sure a number of content creators are expressing their disappointments in their YouTube videos and the comments sections of other youtube videos at the minimal changes made to this version of the Switch, even as I type this article.

You know what? There’s even MORE improvements than what was shown. Up to 64 GBs of internal Storage memory. The Switch v2’s 4.5-9 hours of Battery life, easier way to access online in TV mode via the LAN port, wider adjustable stand, improved audio, enhanced colors via OLED screen, 7′ screen, etc. And it’s coming out this year on October 8th!

All of these miniscule changes will certainly be enticing to those who don’t already have a Switch v1.0, Switch V2.0, or Switch Lite.

I look forward to seeing this in due course as a redeemable prize at my local arcades and stuff, and in stores for retail consumer purchase of course.

By BryOreoTendo2021

I am a lover of gaming, and have played and/or owned nearly every Nintendo system since the SNES. I currently spend a fair chunk of time on my 2ds XL and my Switch. I also love acting. I do it between semesters and weekly assignments.

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