The Nintendo Switch is an incredible machine but while the Joy-cons are varied in colours and designs, the dock or the console itself are a bit of a blank canvas. This has opened up opportunities for some companies, as well as members in the gaming community, to create their own customization items to decorate the Nintendo Switch.

PDP are well known for their 3rd party accessories for video game consoles. The have manufactured all sorts of peripherals from controllers to stands and everything in between. One particular item is the Light Up Dock Shield. This device sits underneath your Nintendo Switch Dock and comes with two transparent plates that will glow under the light emitting from the device. It comes with a number of different colors and sequences to choose from and draws power from the Nintendo Switch dock via a USB cable.

Find the PDP Light Up Dock Shield listed on Amazon.

The PDP Light Up Dock Shield is great on its own and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey plates look fantastic. However, you can take the customization further thanks to the likes of West3DP and other artisanal crafters on Etsy.

West3DP for example, have also crafted some incredible custom plates that are compatible with the PDP Light Up Dock Shield. Their Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity custom plate is what caught our eye at first but they have many template designs and even take custom designs as well.

The delivery of the plates took a good while to arrive but that was due to the current global situation. Now that the have arrived, I wasted no time installing them into the PDP Light Up Dock Shield. They truly are a treat to look at and I am surprised of how good the quality is. Okay, it may only be a piece of transparent acrylic but the printed designs do look very professional and makes the Switch dock a noticeable centrepiece in front of the TV.

Check out West3DP’s Custom Plates on their Etsy Store. They are currently in high demand so don’t wait too long in picking one of them up.

By Mike Scorpio

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