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In today’s world of business, especially in the video game industry, competition is not getting any easier. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are aggressive in putting themselves out there. They are aggressive in ensuring that their IP’s and brands are well recognized on various platforms and using various marketing channels. Most importantly, they strive to ensure that their target audience or existing customers are kept abreast of the latest in terms of the industry and what they are offering. 

Press Release

Well, press releases have for long been an amazing vehicle for all this. They are an incredible tool to inform an audience when launching new software or hardware, making changes in the company, launching promotions, and so forth. You can never underestimate the power of press releases in today’s business landscape. 

However, the effectiveness of a press release largely depends on where it is posted and how it is shared. But is it professional? Assuming you have the infrastructure to ensure your press release reaches the intended audience, is it wittily created to deliver the message and attract conversions? On the latter note, here are some great tips you want to borrow on writing a winning press release for your video games or accessories. 

1. Consider Seeking Templates 

You could be the best writer on the planet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can write anything and manage to convince your audience. If you are not used to writing PR documents, don’t sweat it. You can always look up Press Release templates and sample formats online to minimize your hustles. While so doing, eReleases can be an incredible place to look. You can also seek professional services, as long as you know where to look. 

2. Choose Your Target Audience 

A press release is meant to inform people about something major either on your company, a product, or even a service you provide. The information should on something new or simply an update that they don’t know yet. Whatever information you are relaying, it is usually directed to a group of people. As you prepare to write your press release, you need to keep in mind that it needs to be newsworthy. The people you intend on addressing need to find whatever information you have for them interesting. Therefore, before you start drafting your press release, think about what your audience will find worth listening to.

3. Choose a Catchy Topic 

As mentioned, you are not about to go and tell your audience something that they already know. They need to hear something out of the usual. You need to sit and think about a topic they haven’t heard before and something that will for sure attract their attention. You need to have this question in your thoughts. What do I tell my audience that I’m sure they will want to hear? That question will help you come up with a newsworthy topic. Most press releases usually concern the launch of a video game or new details about said game, a new product or accessory that is coming to the market, a collaboration with a charity or merging with another, or even changes in location or expansion to a new location. Whatever you choose to talk about; let it be interesting to your audience.

4. Create Your Headline 

Choosing the right audience and coming up with the right topic isn’t much of a hassle like creating the headline. The quality of the headline is what will determine if the journalist will take time to read your press release or send it to the trash folder. The headline will also determine if your audience will even bother reading what is in there, you need to therefore come up with something catchy, and newsworthy written in a way that will grab your reader’s attention. Let it be short and clear and preferably less than 10 words.

5. Have a Sub-Headline

The headline is usually to tell the general idea in the press release and to attract the readers’ attention. As for the subheadline, it needs to tell your audience a little bit more about the press release, something that the headline couldn’t. Simply said, the sub-headline supplements what the headline has informed the reader. Again, let it be simple and clear and preferably use less than 20 words to write it.

6. Write the Lead Paragraph 

You have your readers’ attention; you have given them a little bit more info on what the press release is about. Now is the time to let them know what the press release has in store for them. The lead paragraph, also known as the hook, encourages the readers to continue reading the rest of the story. There are a few questions that this paragraph is supposed to answer:

  • What is the story about and who does it affect?
  • What is the point of the piece?
  • Why is this news and why should readers concern themselves with the details?

7. Writing the Body 

The body is where you give your readers all the information you had for them in full. This is the time for you to inform them of all the detail you had been leaving out in the headline, the sub-headlines, and the lead paragraph. They already have a clue of what you intend on telling them. Therefore, as you draft your body, you need to have in mind the possible questions they may have and address them here. to make it even more interesting, use quotes from figures in your business. If the quotes are relevant, your story will be more relatable and hence more interesting to your audience. Use short paragraphs and go straight to the point in each.

8. Have Your Boilerplate in There 

This is simply a paragraph about your business or company. It mentions a few of the accomplishments your business has made and sell tell your audience a little bit more about the video games or products you offer as a company or business. Make sure you do it subtly. Also, make sure to call on your readers to act on whatever you have informed them. This may be buying your products or hiring the services you are offering.


Press Release

Finally, it is essential to give your contact details to your intended audience. Once your press release is out there, your clients may want to get in touch with you. Perhaps they will have questions or maybe they are seeking the products or services you were talking about. Maybe they just want some clarification. All in all, a press release can be a great way to sell your brand, products, or services. The few tips above can help you create an exceptional one.



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