Minecraft World Biome Select

Minecraft’s Steve & Alex are joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and come with their own Minecraft World Stage Biome. The Stage has 6 different designs and will be chosen at random when selected. However, you can select the desired Biome from Grassland, Forest, Savannah, Tiaga, Snow Tundra, and Stone Coast. To do so, you need to input certain button codes associated with each biome on the Stage select screen. You can find the codes below with their associated Biome below. Alternatively, you can also see the codes in the image below that we have translated from Japanese.

The image itself was originally posted in a tweet from the @SmashBrosJP twitter account. This is where the information about the input codes comes from.

(Please note that the + symbol does not represent the + button. It is to signify that the buttons need to held together).

Grassland Biome: L+A
Forest Biome: L+R+A
Savannah Biome: L+Left Joystick Up+A
Taiga Biome: L+Left Joystick Right+A
Snow Tundra Biome: L+Left Joystick Down+A
Stone Coast Biome: L+Left Joystick Left+A

Minecraft World Biome Select

Source: @SmashBrosJP (Twitter)

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