With first impressions being posted and just eight more days to go before the release of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, Nintendo has released a brand new overview trailer and we’re breaking down its contents with a summarised list of all details given:

Controls & Gimmicks:

  • Use A to accelerate
  • Use B for brake and reverse
  • X for horn
  • Steer with the left stick
  • Drift with the R button
  • L to use Item
  • Up Directional button to access your License during the pause screen when racing
  • Smart steering is supported
  • When Mario or Luigi use a mushroom in the game, the real kart gets a speed boost
  • When Mario or Luigi get hit by an item in the game, the real kart will stop
  • Collect Coins when racing to earn rewards such as new outfits
  • Unlockable rewards such as outfits, karts and parts include:
    • Builder Outfit (Super Mario Maker attire)
    • Big Scoop (Kart)
  • Known Karts:
    • Standard Kart
    • Cattle Crusier
    • Landship
    • Adventure Buggy
    • Scuba Diver
    • Big Scoop
  • Known Costumes:
    • Standard Outfit
    • Builder Outfit
    • Pirate Outfit
    • Cowboy Outfit
    • Explorer Outfit
    • Santa Outfit
    • Chef Suit
    • Metal Mario Outfit
    • Painter Outfit
    • Baseball Uniform


Create your Course:

  • Creating a course is easy, just assemble the four gates, place them and drive through them in numerical order, with the path you take creating the shape of the course
  • 10×12 foot space is recommended
  • Players are free to adjust and customise their courses however they want
  • In Custom Race, players can change:
    • Kart Speed
    • Laps
    • Music (Luigi’s Mansion, Donut Plains, Grumble Volcano, Bowser’s Castle)
    • Environment (Sunshine)


Game Modes & Gameplay Elements:

  • 24 Grand Prix Races in total
  • Grand Prix consists of 8 cups and Random:
    • Mushroom Cup
    • Flower Cup
    • Shell Cup
    • Star Cup
    • Banana Cup
    • Leaf Cup
    • Lightning Cup
    • Special Cup
  • Race against Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings
  • CC Classes: (The higher the class, the faster the real kart drives)
    • 50cc
    • 100cc
    • 150cc
    • 200cc
  • All speeds support Mirror Mode to reverse your home
  • Time Trials is available
  • Stages:
    • Cheep Cheep Reef
    • Ember Island
    • Boo Fortress
  • Obstacle themes:
    • Chain Chomp Gate
    • Magikoopa Mirage
    • World 1-1
  • Familiar Items:
    • Red Shell
    • Banana
    • Lightning
    • Blooper
    • Spiny Shell
    • Bullet Bull

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

By Jack Longman

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